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Refreshing Juices

A 6 Week, Coach Led, Integrative Body Work Challenge

Get back on a new track with this unique and fresh perspective on guided fitness and nutrition.  This is where you stop the cycle diet, and start living the lifestyle that keeps you moving with vitality and deep connection to self. 


Rebalance and Recharge

Eat the Darn Dessert, Life is too Short!



 Ditch the diet and eat what you want.  No more restricting yourself or feeling guilty of eating desert.  Learn how to implement integrative and intuitive eating and sustain a lifestyle free from the worries of food!  Life is too short, no time for that! 


Movement/Body Reblance

Ready to think outside of the fitness norm?  There IS a better way.  You will explore small sequences that increase strength, flexibility and mental placidity.  Move easier than you've never moved before.  After you finish your first practice, you will stand taller and feel stronger... just wait until after 6 weeks... You will never go back to the old you. 


Mind/Body Potential 

One Practice released weekly.  Each practice has multiple short sequences.  The slight learning curve challenges your mind/body connection.  Unleash your potential through our creative acute repetition practices and attention to every detail in a posture or sequence.  

Can I Get Real With You?

Thank you for stopping by!  I want to take a second to let you see past the pretty website and deeper into the real me and the passion that drives me.  

I'm sick of the Fitness Industry.  I'm burned out of the media showing us what fit is supposed to look like.   ***I call BS and vow to be the change.***  

Diets and fad workouts are what keeps you in the diet cycle.  The industry is built for you to fail so they continue to make money.  

After 15 years of being in this industry and a lifetime of valuing my worth to my body size, I'm done.  I'm doing what I know works best and that is a loosly structured program that creates a big space for mind/body connection and intuitive health so that your results stick and you develop a healthy lifestyle that keeps you feeling young and moving freely.  

If you want this too, come with me! Join a program or set up a consultation today! 

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