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The Ervin Method

The Ervin Method is a beautiful blend of structure and intuition.  You will build strength and increase flexibility efficiently and safely while learning to develop a calm mind in the midst of challenges so we can prepare the mind and body for more challenging goals.  

3 Pillars of The Ervin Method

The Ervin Method was slowly built through years of experience, education and research.  This method has evolved into a practical guide to build mental and physical flexibility, strength and self management so you can build and sustain a happy and healthy life.  



Learn a new 20 minute practice weekly.  Watch yourself grow into each practice.  There is an intentional  learning curve to each practice

Challenging Body Work

Each weekly practice is customizable.  We meet you where you are and provide challenges movements to get you to where you want to go.  See yourself go from newbie to each practice to a master by the end of every week.

Access to Coach and

Support System

Access to live weekly coaching and accountability huddles. Access to a coach to customize each practice to all levels and abilities. 

Recent statistics have shown that a person is 90% more likely to achieve their goals when they attend the same meeting weekly.
Indoor Stretch

Interim Repetition

Brain and Body Connection for Longevity and Freedom of Movement 

Everything about The Ervin Method is intentional.  Including the idea of learning one 20 Minute Practice weekly. 

The first time you experience a practice, you get familiar with it, by the end of the week, you are finding depth and connection with each movement. 

This repetition and mind/body connection is why you will amplify your results! 

Practicing Yoga at Home

Unique Body Work 

Exciting new Movements Meat to Challenge You

Traditional exercises can be limiting and feel harsh on your body.  The Ervin Method blends functional movement and Yoga in challenging and refreshing combinations. 

We focus on large muscle groups and the smaller auxiliary muscles so you can fully support your body and feel confident in every move you make. 


 Nourish your body for 20 minutes every day and walk away from your body work saying, "I didn't realize I could do that!."


Access to Erika

Our Unique Full Access System Supports You Fully

Join Erika every week for a full access Huddle meeting.  

Our Full Access System allows you to ask questions on:

  • Form

  • Modifications 

  • Mindset

You will receive a video from Erika within 48 Hours with your answer!

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